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How to protect the social media account

In a technology world there are plenty of social media is there like facebook, instagram, snapchat and twitter. This kind of the social media app is helpful to interact with other people in effective way. This kind of the app is mostly useful to the business people, celebrities, artists and other people. However with the help of technology, few people hack another social media account. In a modern world many of the people are heard about “my twitter account hacked” and so on. In fact there are huge numbers of the hacking softwares are there so that hackers used and in such kind of the software.

How to get rid of from social medial hackers

If someone has hacked your account then they might change the handle so that you might struggle to obtain followers. They are starting to steal your personal information and sometime they will use your social medial account at wrong way. However you must follow some tips to get rid of from this hacking such as

  • Be selective with the third party applications
  • People must install antivirus software
  • Try to use strong passwords
  • Enable two factor authentication
  • People can move passwords to the management program

In case your account has hacked by someone then you must immediately report it to the authorized person. For example if your twitter account is hacked then you must report this incident to twitter so that they will enhance some security option to your account. Change the password is one of the best ways to protect your account from hackers. If you change the password frequently then your account will be safe. Try to create some unique password and you should not reuse same password. Create some unique password so that hacker will not guess your password. While creating the password people can use some punctuation, capital letters and numbers which is sufficient to create strong password. Based on the Javelin research and strategy says that location based service is one of the major factor to hack social media account. When you use social media account, people must disable the location based service at your phone. At the same time people must check and manage the privacy settings regularly like your sharing private information is only visible to your friends or family members.

Effective tips to protect social media account

People must not allow automatic login so that you can protect your social medial account. In case you allow automatic login and if someone use your device then they will access your social sites. If you look to protect your social media account then you must follow the below tips such as

  • Turn off Geotagging
  • Try to remove the third party plug-in
  • Disable old account
  • Check privacy settings frequently

Technology has both boon and bane so you must aware of the risk involve in the social medial before you start to create the account which is sufficient to get rid of from some problems.

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