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How to protect snapchat account from hackers

Snapchat is the most popular app because people can share their photos and videos to their friends or family members. In a modern world technology has been used in both positive and negative way. With the help of technology certain people will hack someone snapchat account. In fact numerous numbers of the spy apps and softwares are there which is sufficient to hack snapchat account. In case someone has hacked your account then you could be looking to recover your snapchat account.

Is really your snapchat account hacked

Before you plan to recover the snapchat account, first and foremost you must identify whether your snapchat account is really hacked or not. In case you look to check your snapchat account then must follow the below thing which includes

  • Any kinds of suspicious activity performed your account but it could not perform by you then surely your account has hacked by someone. For example your account settings had changed like display your name, new friends or messages that could not send by you.
  • In case you receive message like your snapchat password changed or your snapchat account was accessed by some other device or location then your account has hacked by someone

Once you found that your account is hacked by someone then you can start to recover the account. Initially tab the ghost” icon and go to the settings then check whether the phone number and email address are not changed. After that change the password and while creating the password people must choose the strong password which consists of capital letter, punctuation and numbers. Besides you should check whether your email is not hacked so that you can take some appropriate security measures. In case your email was hacked then surely your snapchat account will again hack in future. In case the hacker changes your account password and blocked you from the accessing of snapchat account then you can still access your account with the help of “forgot password” option. While changing the password you can change your email address or password so that you can easily recover your account. In a modern world there are huge numbers of the reasons are there to hack someone snapchat account. Most of the parents are hacked their kid snapchat account to know about their activity. However people must change the password frequently so that hacker will not hack your account.

How to recover the hacked snapchat account

In case you interest to hack your hacked snapchat account then you should recover it through email. Snapchat send the password change link to your registered email so that you can easily recover your hacked account. Luckily snapchat is offering help page and you must provide some details which are useful to recover the snapchat account. If you go to snapchat help page then you can pick the “report the safety concern” so that you can easily recover your account. However hacked snapchat account will recover within a minute but you must check whether your account is really hacked or not.

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