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Easy ways hackers can hack your Instagram Account

When it comes to active audience, the Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with more than 1.71 billion users for every month. In today’s world, it is the most widely used social networking website that has a huge success and popularity among people. Due to its growing popularity, it is also most famous for hacking other’s Instagram account. Every day, there are thousands of Facebook accounts hacked by the known hackers. In some cases, the Facebook user may face a whole range of problems because of hacking their personal data and can be used and accessed against them.

In order to protect your Instagram account from the hackers, you must know the following ways of hacking your account and be aware of:

  • Instagram phishing

With this phishing attack, the hacker may create a fake login page that looks like genuine Face book page. The email is also sent and asking them casually to login that page. Once login, the hackers can easily know the email address and secret password.

  • Key logging

It is one of the easiest ways of hacking the Instagram password. In some cases, it can be very dangerous because the person with good computer knowledge can fall for it. Actually, it is a small program that install on a victim’s system and record everything in which the victim types on his or her computer.

  • Session Hijacking

It can also be very dangerous, if you are accessing the Instagram session. By using this attack, the hacker can easily steals the browser cookie of a victim and get access to use the victims account. This method is widely used on LAN network.

  • Stealers

Almost 80% of people can store their passwords in their browser to access their Instagram more easily. This is more convenient for the stealers to hack the account by accessing the saved passwords stored in a browser. The best solution is to avoid saving the passwords on browsers.

Awesome tips to protect your social media privacy

Nowadays, there are millions and millions of users feel safe to use the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. There are people that try password hacking on instagram. But the bad news is that the hackers can also look for new and creative ways to crack the user’s passwords. In order to safeguard your social media privacy, here are some awesome tips for you that include:

  • Try to use strong passwords that consist of minimum 10 characters, which include a combination of letters, symbols and numbers.
  • You can also make sure to use the different passwords for each website, because using same password can easily hack your online social media accounts.
  • When you are giving the same information, you can use good sense. When you answer the personal security question, you don’t five your credit card information or a social security number.
  • Be very selective in the links, especially when you receive from others. If you receive a link as in Instagram mail or a Twitter Direct Message, make sure it is sending from the well known and trusted person.

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