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About hacking and social media networks

When it comes to discussing about hacking and social media networks, people should have a little bit technical skill. Basically, the term hacking means use the malicious code in the computer networks in order to damage the systems or steal the information from the system. When you perform hacking into the social networks then you need some technical knowledge, because it is like a psychological game that aims to steal the information on any personal profiles and then win a complete trust of the stranger. With the advent of technology, the hackers can use several different techniques to be weakening the information security system.

After creating a profile page on a social media network, most of the people fail to consider the possible risks of security. People may include both personal and professional information on their profile, so the hacker can easily get the details of others and start to hack anyone’s account to gain the trust of information. One of the greatest security advantages of social media network is only your friends and family members who can often see your complete profile on a regular basis. If you accept requests blindly from everyone, one of them may be a potential hacker. So you have to be very careful while using the social media networks.

How can hackers easily crack the passwords?

Password hacking is one of the most enjoyable activities for hackers. To crack other’s password, the hackers can use some tech-methods. These methods usually include shoulder surfing, social engineering techniques and also simply guess the passwords from information.

Shoulder surfing

  • It is nothing but people look over someone’s shoulder to view what other person is typing in their mobile phones.
  • It is one of the effective methods as well as low tech password hack. When you do this, you must be very careful and also respect other people’s privacy.

Social engineering

  • It is a most famous low tech method for collecting passwords. This method will take a benefit of the trusting nature of persons to gain information and can be used later maliciously.
  • To get a password through social engineering, you just call a user and ask his password to log in and then free them up.


  • It is simply guessing the passwords from information that you know about the users such as name, phone number, date of birth and favorite television show.
  • On the other hand, the best defense against this inference attack is to educate the users to create strong secure passwords that cannot easy to find by anyone.

Protect yourself from online hacking

In today’s world, there has been a group of known hackers can do the hacking process on the internet. In order to protect yourself from online hackers, you must be taken the following necessary precautions that include:

  • Secured your network from third party
  • Email precautions from the unknown recipients
  • Never put confidential account passwords or details on devices that you do not own
  • Always use your own device and clear cookies as well as cache all the time

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